Ticià RIERA, pianist and music teacher.

A life dedicated to music
Between Maçaners and Gósol around 1980
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EVOLUCIÓN DEL ARTE MUSICAL: Historia, estilos y formas (EVOLUTION OF THE MUSICAL ART History, styles and forms)

Original title: Evolució de l’art musical: Història, estils i formes.

Author: Ticià Riera                                             
Prologue:  Roger Alier                                         
Reviews: Joaquín Rodrigo and María Cateura
Format in Catalan: 23.5 x 15.5
Format in Spanish: 22 x 14.5


Evolución del arte musical based on the latest scientific-musical research, traces music from prehistoric to modern times. It is both a popularizing work and a reference book where the reader can find details about each period, author, style, musical form, etc.

In this work the music lover can find exceptional details (unusual in books of popular appeal), such as the origins of music in Prehistory or the importance of the fact that both Cabanilles and Elias used tonal structure long before J.S.Bach (this is demonstrated by scores), etc.

Place-names have been updated, taking into consideration the changes which have occurred in Europe in recent years. Thus, the reader can find both the new and the old name of a town or region which helps to situate the biography of a musician.

This is the first book of its kind in dealing with the main musical nationalistic styles present in Spain (Andalusian, Basque, Catalan and Galician) - aspects which are usually overlooked by other authors.

The book comprises 499 pages, a great number of footnotes that help to clarify even the most specialized concepts, a biographical outline of 146 composers and an appendix with 32 pictures (there are also other pictures in the text).

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Ticià Riera has produced an excellent work on the evolution of the art of music, making a brief but detailed tour of the history of music from prehistoric times to the end of the 20th century. The result is a valuable guide for all those who require succinct but rigorous documentation of the composition, style and forms of our art
Joaquín Rodrigo
Director of the Royal Academy of Bellas Artes of San Fernando; Prize winner of the Príncipe de Asturias de las Artes; Doctor Honoris Causa for the universities of Salamanca, South California, Politechnic of València, Alacant, Complutense of Madrid and Exeter.
This book is a complete and meticulous work describing the evolution of musical art and its characteristics in different periods. Due to its content and deep study of the history and different styles and forms I consider it to be essential literature for all people interested in music, for all professionals of musical education in universities and conservatories and for secondary and primary schools
Maria Cateura
Specialist in different musical areas; Doctor in Pedagogy at the University of Barcelona; Professor of musical Education at the University of Barcelona.
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1st Edition. Clivis Publicacions
2nd Edition. L'Aixernador Edicions (revised and added to)

Book presented by Mr. Francesc Claverol, Professor of Music in The Escola Universitària del Professorat d’Educació General Bàsica de la Universitat de Barcelona. Auditori Pepita Sellés - Barcelona, December 16th 1986

In the centre the presenter of the event, Mr. Lluís Barrillón

On the left the book presenter, Mr. Francesc Claverol, the
author’s mother and the author. Sitting, the prologue’s
author, Maestro Pere Vallribera, former Principal in the
Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu and his wife

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In Pedagogia de la Història de la Música (The Teaching of the History of Music), a work unique of its kind, the author not only presents a wide range of didactic exercises applied to the History of Music as a whole, but also puts forward his thinking on the teaching of this subject. It is a completely original book, extensive in its didactic contents and especially easy to use, thanks to its structural simplicity. A highly recommended book for the teacher or would-be teacher of the History of Music because of its comprehensive contents: styles, forms, genres, instruments, ...
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